Italian Roasted Potatoes

Italian Roasted Potatoes are a delicious and easy way to make the best roasted potatoes.

All you need are baby potatoes, garlic, olive oil, Italian seasoning, and kosher salt.

Start by slicing the baby potatoes in half. You can also substitute with Yukon Gold potatoes.

In a bowl combine the potatoes, sliced garlic, olive oil, Italian seasoning & kosher salt.

Toss the mixture together well so that all of the potatoes are coated with the oil and seasonings.

Pour onto a baking sheet and spread potatoes apart so they are not touching. Make sure the halves are not stuck together.

Bake at 425 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. The potatoes will tender and golden.

Serve immediately. I like to sprinkle on fresh parsley and a bit more kosher salt before serving.

You're going to love this easy recipe for Italian Roasted Potatoes! Get the recipe link below.