Pasta Carbonara

Learn to make authentic Spaghetti Carbonara just like they do in Italy!

If you've ever had authentic Italian spaghetti alla carbonara, you know that it's truly a special dish. I'll show you how to make it the classic way!

You'll need spaghetti, Pecorino Romano, egg yolks, black pepper, and diced pancetta (if you can find guanciale use that instead).

While the pasta boils, combine the egg yolks, grated cheese, and pepper in a large bowl.

Stir it together and quickly whisk in a bit of hot starchy pasta water to thin out the sauce and cook the eggs.

Cook the diced pancetta (or guanciale) and pour the meat into the egg mixture. Continue mixing till you get a creamy and rich sauce.

Toss the egg sauce with the hot cooked spaghetti. Use tongs to ensure that each strand of spaghetti is coated in sauce.

Authentic Italian Carbonara with Pancetta is ready in just 15 minutes! Get the recipe and make some today!