Italian Crepes

Italian Crepes, also known as "crespelle" are a simple and delicious crepe that can be served either savory or sweet.

This classic recipe for Italian crepes is made with just 5 ingredients and comes together fast. Make these using your favorite non-stick skillet or a crepe pan.

All you need is eggs, flour, melted butter, milk, and salt. If you are making sweet crepes, you can add a tablespoon of sugar to the batter.

Start by blending together the ingredients until smooth. Let the batter sit for 15-20 minutes before cooking.

Heat a nonstick skillet or crepe pan over medium-low heat. Pour a 1/4 cup of batter on the pan and swirl  to the edge of  pan.

Carefully flip the crepe and cook about a minute on the other side or until golden in color.

Remove crepe from pan and repeat with remaining batter. Butter or oil the pan if needed.

Fill Crepes with ricotta and top with sauce to make manicotti. For sweet crepe, fill with Nutella or fresh fruit.

Make delicious and tender Italian Crepes today! Get the full recipe with tips and suggestions below.