Garibaldi Cocktail

Garibaldi is a classic Italian cocktail made with orange juice and Campari

Garibaldi Cocktail is a simple and refreshing drink made with orange juice that's perfect for brunches, dinner, or any sipping occasion!

All you need is two ingredients: fresh orange juice and Campari. Use an orange wedge for garnish!

Start by filling your glass with ice cubes. You want a very well chilled Garibaldi Cocktail!

Next, add in the orange juice. You want to use fresh squeezed here if possible.

Next, add in the Campari liqueur. Campari is a red colored Italian apéritif with a slightly bitter taste.

Stir the drink together and garnish with a slice of orange. You can also top with sparkling water.

This classic Italian cocktail is so easy to make and so refreshing. It's a great alternative to serving mimosas.

Garibaldi Cocktail is a simple and delicious Italian drink. Make a batch today and enjoy!